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FAQ Table of Content

  What is VOTP?
  Video #2 More Info
  Supported Environments
  Our Rules
  Consumer Cost
  How does VOTP and Digital Letters protect me?
  How does it work?
  Video #3 Registration
  How to Read Digital Letters
  Specific Information on the Home page
  How to Send Digital Letters
  How to View what You have sent?
  Specific Information on the Shared Letters page
  What will you see inside?
  Social Media Offerings

 What is VOTP:  

Voice of the People (VOTP) is dedicated to supporting you and keeping your information yours.
It is your information, and you will have total control over it!

We Don't sell your information!
We Don't track you or your friends!  
We Don’t allow ANY advertising!

VOTP’s Digital Letters gives you back your privacy!

  Video #2 Why Digital Letters?

 Supported Environments:  

   Works best with: FireFox, WaterFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari. Microsoft Edge
      ( not supported within Internet Explorer 'IE' )

 Our Rules:  

 View the Terms of Service

 The old way of sending emails about the world is GONE!!!
 Digital Letters provides you what you have been denied
 Begin today by taking total control of your information and data

 Resources and Costs

VOTP and Digital Letters are dedicated to supporting you.
As a company we are NOT SELLING your information or data!
However, there is a cost to running and providing secure services like these.
Once you join, your price will not change.

The First 30 days are Free.
After the 30 days you will be billed $5.00 per month billed annually or $8.00 per month billed monthly
You can cancel your account at any time.
To cancel - click on the 'Manage My Profile' then at the bottom click on 'Cancel My Account'

Begin today and take Total Control of Your Information and data!

 How does VOTP and Digital Letters protect me:  

Via Digital Letters and our soon to be Social Media counterpart, you are provided the ability to control your digital information.
This system is not shared, it's not in the cloud.
VOTP knows where your data is and keeps it locked down for you.
Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
We DON’T Allow Advertising!
We provide additional privacy by limiting who can get in (i.e., the secure registration)
Other platforms sell your information to make Billions from you. We Don’t!
Most importantly your original Digital Letter is locked down once you release it to whoever you are sending it to.
          Meaning you can allow or not allow recipients to forward or reply to your message, they cannot alter the original message.
          Once a letter is released it cannot be altered in anyway.
          You as the author can delete any sent letter by clicking a button and it is gone from everywhere.
          - - this means it is removed from everyone it was sent to or forwarded to, this even removes all attachments.

 How does it work:

 You will send messages and attachments similar to email.
 When you create a Digital Letter it is sent similar to email; however, it is never blasted across the internet.
     You can send to Anyone inside or outside Digital Letters; however, the outside cannot send to you, they can only reply to things you have sent them.
     This equates to NO more Spam, Hackers, Spoofing, etc. filling up your inbox - no more unwanted trash.
     Authors can create Digital Letters with multiple options
         - Allow recipients to reply and forward the Digital Letter.
         - Deny recipients the ability to forward the Digital Letter.
         - Deny recipients the ability to reply the Digital Letter.
         - Send with OTV (One Time View) so when the recipient(s) reads the Information its destroyed immediately.
                - *There is no recovery of this information or attachments. .
     Authors can track their Digital Letters - Authors can view who has seen, deleted, or forwarded Digital Letters
     Authors can Destroy their Digital Letters at any time - today, tomorrow or 10 years from now.
         - *Once you do this there is no recovery of this information or attachments.
 Bottom line is the Author of their Digital Letters retains the ability to track, view, and delete/destroy their Digital Letters at any time.
         -It does not matter if the Digital Letter is 10 seconds old or 10 years old.

  Video #3 Registration?

 How to Read Digital Letters:  

 From the Digital Letters Home Page, the page displays a panel with digital letter(s) displayed - to open one click on the tabbed 'Subject'
 If you want to delete the letter click on the 'Delete' tab and that record will be removed from your display

 Once you opened\read a Digital Letter you can choose, if allowed, to Close, Reply, Reply to All, Forward or delete this specific letter.
 If you are sending to people outside of VOTP's Digital Letter they will receive a one-time link.
          If the recipient doesn’t see the letter in their ‘Inbox’, have them check their spam or junk folder.
         Again this is a ONE-TIME link and they can only reply to the author as they are visitors to this system.

 Try it out, you will rest easy knowing your personal, intellectual, and business information is safe and secure.
 You will want to tell your friends, family, and colleagues to join so that they can benefit from the same privacy and security that you are receiving.

  For specific information about the Home Page (click here)
  A Quick look at the Home Page

 How to Send Digital Letters:

 From the Digital Letters Home page click on the tab 'Create Letter' - this will open a new window.
         If you are attaching files do this first -click the top tab 'Attach File' and browse to the files you desire to attach.
         Currently you can attach up to 8 files per Digital Letter
 Entering Recipients: enter recipients separated by ';' semi-colon, this is valid for all three lines: To:, CC:, and BCC
        example:   person1;person2;person4
 Entering Recipients outside of the VOTP Digital Letters, just enter the full email address and again if entering more than one user separate them with a ";" semi-colon
        Note the person receiving a Digital Letter via typical email - should look in spam, junk etc.,. to find the email

 How to View what You have sent:

 From the Digital Letters Home page on the left is a navigation panel Click on the 'SENT Letters' - this will direct you to Released Letters.
 If you click on the Destroy the sent item will be destroyed everywhere, including any attachments- *this is not recoverable.
        If you allowed others to forward the Digital Letter it will be removed any Digital Letter it was attached to.
 If you click on the Status button this will display a status panel of everyone who the original letter was sent.
        If you hover over the recipants name you will see the date and time stamp of when they viewed, deleted, replied, or forwarded the letter..
        If someone forwarded your letter you can track that by clicking on the forwarded button and follow its path forward.

  A Quick look at the Shared Letters Page

 Interested in Corporate use contact us for more information


 Social Media: coming soon

 VOTP is dedicated to supporting you!

VOTP's Social Media Site will provide you with the same control as our Digital Letters - but with your media posts.
Should you decide to delete it - its gone from EVERYWHERE
   It does not matter if its 10 seconds old or 10 years old, YOU control your posts!

We will NEVER sell your information, we don't share it, we don't harvest it.

Our only job is to keep your information Safe, Secure and Yours, We will not harvest, sell or distribute your information ever


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